Ch. Albus Silente


Callname: Nardo

Male, Retired

27 May 2009

Zanzebern Defender x Bilnerria Keep in Mind

HD A ED 0/0, VDH and NL Ch. 

Height: 67 cm. Weight 54 kg



Vonk V/d Wustynnei


Callname: Vonk

Male , Available as stud

30 September 2015

Mount Magic's Quest for Fire x Madelief v/d Wustynnei

HD A ED 0/0 DM free (both exons) HS A

Height: 64 cm, weight 50 kg

Ramble on D’Isolagerre


Callname: Davide

Male, available as stud

13 March 2018

Albus Silente x Rhiannon d'Isolagerre

HD A ED 0/0

Height 66 cm. Weight 52 kg

NJK, BJS, Furry Furby Orecan


Callname: Oliver

Male, retired

28 November 2012

Xander's Hill Harlequin Scooby Doo x Bella Simba Orecan

HD C ED 0/0 DM free (exon 2) Height: 68 cm Weight 58 kg


Yaeron v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Yaeron

Male, available as stud

21 feb 2019

HD A ED 0/0




Madelief v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Madelief

Female, retired

4 September 2010

Hamlet von Gipfelfeuer x C'est Fleur v/d Wustynnei

HD A ED 0/0 OCD 0/0 DM Free (both exons)

Noortje Néna v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Noor

Female, retired

21 January 2013

Verdicchio van 't Rijkenspark x Dannyck v/d Wustynnei

HD A ED 0/0

DM exon 1 N/N exon 2 N/DM


Piper v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Piper

Female, retired

30 January 2014

Albus Silente x Eklövens One Step Ahead

HD B ED 0/0 DM free(exon 1) N/DM (exon 2)

Eklövens One Step Ahead


Callname: Svea

Female, retired

31 March 2011

Goliath of Denmark v/d Wustynnei x Ewa von Queenstolz

HD A ED 0/0 DM N/DM (exon 2)

Raven v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Raven

Female, pet

26 February 2015

Albus Silente x Eklövens One Step Ahead

Xanne Xophia v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Xophia


19 Feb 2019

Montlouis van 't Rijkenspark x Noortje Néna v/d Wustynnei

HD A ED 0/0


Yaèle v/d Wustynnei


Callname: Jazz

female, Co-owned

21 Feb 2019

Monalou Russian Ambassador x Piper v/d Wustynnei

all in one


Callname: Anna


6 March 2019